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Chilam Josh Festival Kalash Valley

Kalash tribe in Kalash valley in Pakistan home of the ‘Wearers of the Black Robes’, a primitive pagan tribe. Their ancestry is enveloped in mystery & is the subject of controversy. Legend says 5 soldiers of the legions of Alexander of Macedonia settled in Chitral & are the progenitors of the Kalash. Women wear black gowns of coarse cloth in summer & hand-spun wool dyed in black in winter. Many have blonde or red hair & light colored eyes passed down.

Total Population

(ca. 4,100)


Ancient Hindusm, Islam

Chilam Josh Festival Kalash Valley (CHITRAL) KPK

The festival commemorates the arrival of summer and celebrates the abundance of dairy products during the season. This festival gives an excellent opportunity for far away people to celebrate which gives a message of peace to the world.

During this festival the Kalashi people pray for the safeguard of their fields and animals by distributing milk among loved ones. The people of Kalash love music and dance to the beat of drums. Both men and women partake in dancing festivities, where they make circles and enjoy the sound of music.

Kalash is famous for the music and dance festivals, and the people are known for their relaxed and loving life approach; in fact Kalashi’s is doing not even mourn on deaths. They are very connected to nature, and every year they host different festivals to thank their Gods.

One of the most famous festivals celebrated in Kalash is the Chilam Joshi festival during the month of May. The Kalashi’s believe that the pastoral god Sorizan protects their herds during autumn and winter, and so they host a winter festival to thank the God, Sorizon. Their other God, Goshidai protects the herds during summer and spring seasons and is thanked at the Chilam Joshi festival. The festival is celebrated in the month of May.



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