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People coming from other cities do not normally know a lot about the happening spots in Karachi. People are headed to enjoy the marine life especially crabbing in winters. This is a trend that people are following religiously for quite some time, and it has become quite popular in the masses. People are increasingly asking about crabbing on forums and different social media networks. They read reviews and form opinions based on those reviews. After some planning and preparation, the Karachi fish harbor in Kemari is the place to visit. Decorated boats are available to be hired and can carry up to 25 people. The crabbing scene ideally starts from 30-45 minutes before sunset. The sailor is also the captain and the chef, as they do not have any staff to support them. Oyster Rocks is an island which is a 25 minutes boat ride from the fish harbor where the group has to hike to the top. At the same time, the Kaptaan cum Chef prepares the seafood which has already been marinated or caught fresh.

Karachi is known for its mesmerizing coastal line, along with the most natural harbor in the area. Kemari harbor trades daily on crabs, prawns and different fishes. These crabbing tours have been made into a business by certain companies providing them with an excellent business opportunity.

Their customer service may be a notch better but hiring a sailor with the boat for 25 minutes or half an hour has its own amusement. The companies that take you there charge you from Rs.1200 per head to Rs.1500 per head. And they also have arrangements to catch life crabs and lobsters that are fried or boiled and served on the boat.

Crabbing is the most exciting thing to do when in Karachi for a short period of time in winters. This exciting avenue has become quite popular in the youth. The best time to fully extract the full benefits of this season is when the sea is not rough.


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